Understanding Sciatica

Causes Of Sciatica

Your nervous system is essentially a large electrical circuit. Your spinal cord carries all of the electrical nerve pulses linking your brain and lower back. From there, specific nerves arise from your spine then move to provide sensation and action to a specific area of your buttock, legs and/or feet.

This allows you to move and feel sensations like touch, temperature, and pain. Anything that conflicts with this transmission can cause difficulties. 

Symptoms Of Sciatica

You have been diagnosed with a "Lumbar Radiculopathy". This indicates that one or more of the nerves arising from your lower back has grown irritated or possibly pinched. This usually results in pain, numbness or tingling in the distinct area of your leg that is provided by the irritated nerve.

The term "Sciatica" is frequently used to explain this condition because most (but not all) "lumbar radiculopathies" include the sciatic nerve which satisfies the back & outside of your thigh and calf. Indications of lumbar radiculopathy may vary from a dull ache to a persistent severe sharp shooting pain. Your symptoms are likely increased by certain situations, postures, or movements. 

Getting Over Sciatica

To solve this dilemma, we will treat the cause of your nerve irritation. It is necessary for you to follow your custom plan closely and be sure to tell us directly if you experience any improvement of your leg pain, numbness or weakness.

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