Do you love the game of golf but struggle with unpredictable and inconsistent play?
At Hargrave Chiropractic we design a personalized program to help you get the most out of your golf game and get you back to loving the way you play.
Too many passionate golfers are being held back by an inconsistent game.

You deserve to have faith in your golf game and should be able to go out and play with confidence. At Hargrave Chiropractic we provide a personalized assessment, treatment plan, and exercise/rehab system to help you get pain free and playing at your absolute best.

Dr. Hargraves is fully certified with the Titleist Performance Institute
Dr. Hargraves is passionate about getting golfers in their best shape possible so they can play and swing with confidence.

The TPI program analyzes the mechanics of a player's swing and diagnoses physical limitations and restrictions that may be holding the player back or potentially lead to an injury. TPI has also worked to demonstrate the importance of having a fully functioning body as this is the best way to ensure stable motion through a player's swing.

Imagine Playing A Round Knowing That Throughout Day You Could:

Make Consistent Shots
Move & Play With Confidence
Swing With Proper Form
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